Dr. Rick Jaggi MD, FRCSC
Financing & Payment Options
Our consultation fee is $150 plus applicable taxes.

A valid credit card number is required at the time of booking your consultation. If you do not attend your appointment or cancel with less than 2 business days notice, the $150 consultation fee (plus taxes) will not be refunded.

We offer the following payment options:

American Express

Dr. Rick Jaggi MD, FRCSC

Medical Loans

We are also pleased to offer third party financing through Medicard. You can access the application forms online at: www.medicard.com. Medicard rates can be downloaded here.

"I arrived at Dr Jaggi's office and was greeted with a friendly face and a smile from his office staff. I only waited about 10 minutes to see him. He was friendly, knowledgeable and didn't rush my appointment. I will be happy to visit Dr Jaggi and his office again in the future."

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Dr. Jaggi's work is excellent and I am very pleased with the results. I consider myself lucky to be one of his patients.

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I am so impressed with this guy. I'm really awful for leaving my brain at home whenever an appointment comes up; I can never think of the questions I need to ask, getting my thoughts together is like herding cats. Dr. Jaggi took the time to really ascertain what I needed, and worked with me to come up with a plan that made sense to both of us. He took obvious time and care with my surgery, not leaving until he was assured that everything was perfect and the results speak for themselves. Phenomenal doctor, very down to earth and easy going. Would recommend to anyone considering rhino/septoplasty. So lucky to have been referred to him!!!

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