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"An introduction to Dr. Jaggi came through well respected personal physicians. Thank you, Dr. Jaggi, for your professionalism and integrity. Dr. Jaggi's integrity has been reinforced by his honesty in consulting with acquaintances I have referred, after my procedure(upper blepharoplasty - eyelid surgery). One referral was told that they were not a candidate. The second referral was told that they may not be happy with the end result and to reconsider before committing....requested procedure not recommended.

I am so happy with my end result. Part of me wishes I would have had this procedure done ten years ago, when it was first recommended, but I would not have had the same referral, connection or result. I look my age and that was respected and listened to within my consult and respective procedure. My comfort level and side vision, after procedure, is perfect."

Respectfully..... Beverly Saskatoon

Dr. Jaggi provided straight forward answers to my questions about nose surgery and performed the rather difficult surgery with excellent results, especially the fact that I can once again breathe through both nostrils. He advised me what to expect post surgery, and the information was accurate. I trust his knowledge and skill as a surgeon and appreciate his ability to communicate clearly, honestly and in a way that reassured me I was in good hands, which was proven out by the results.

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